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New Release – Children’s Book, ‘The Journey of the Littlest Atom’

Travel with The Littlest Atom on its exciting journey as it blasts its way from the heavens to the earth and hopefully back again.

The Littlest Atom becomes bored with its place in the heavens where everything is the same; that is, apart from the bravest atoms that return after searching the outer universe for adventure. These atoms return with exciting stories to share. Our Littlest Atom’s restlessness eventually causes it to become one of these explorers and it is also sent on a journey of a lifetime…literally.

The Littlest Atom - a book for children by Mary Groves

The Littlest Atom – a book for children by Mary Groves

This is the story of the beginning of life, as the littlest atom is flung into a battle for survival, on a journey from the furthest regions of the universe. Caught up in the vortex of atomic particles, it finally reaches its destination, to experience the worldly adventures it has so longed for.

This is both an educational and exciting adventure story. It explains the start of life as our Littlest Atom prepares for, and then undergoes, the turbulent experiences ahead.

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Mary Groves – Best Selling Australian Author – An Outback Life

An Outback Life - Mary Groves

An Outback Life – Mary Groves
Reviewed Edition for Sale in the USA

Independent Publisher Book Awards - Silver Award - Mary Groves

Independent Publisher Book Awards – Silver Award – Mary Groves

An outback tale of a woman who spent the prime of her life in the Northern Territory, often struggling to put a meal on the table, told in simple, straightforward language, the narrative zipping along at a lively pace, with one cracking yarn after another.

Reviews-Sunday Herald Sun, FOUR STARS : “A wonderful storyteller.” Sunday Territorian : “Few people have truly interesting lives; of those, fewer still are able to write with skill and insight. Mary Groves proves otherwise.”

Courier Mail: “An Outback Life is a glimpse of a world that’s quickly disappearing.”

Sunday Telegraph: “While interesting, what’s most engaging is how the Outback changed Groves… here’s hoping she writes more.”

RM Williams Outback: “The understated title of Mary Groves’ book gives no hint of the drama and excitement she experienced while living across the Top End..”

Robyn Murphy: BOOK lovers who enjoy tales of the Australian bush should read An Outback Life by Mary Groves- a book full of rollicking yarns. A funny, emotional, adventurous, historical and educational look at the past. Ms Groves was just fourteen when her parents uprooted the family from Melbourne and moved to Mataranka, a small isolated town in the Northern Territory.Soon after the family’s arrival her father took over the general store while her mother set up a school in a railway fettler’s cottage and ran the local post office.

“In my late teens I fell in love with Joe Groves, a cattleman, horse-breaker, drover and rodeo rider,” said Mary. “We went on to raise four children while leading an exciting and challenging life as feral animal harvesters, while managing and owning an array of cattle stations. “During my 40 years living in the outback I learned to operate helicopters, cattle trucks and anything else it took to help Joe and to keep the family afloat.

“I found out that if you want something badly enough you need tenacity, perseverance and, most importantly, a sense of humor.”

An Outback Life describes the sometimes heart-breaking loneliness, the hard work and the rises and falls in the family’s fortunes as they battled to survive in the Top End. The book has been an outstanding success since its release and is indicative of a growing interest among Australians in our history, particularly relating to the cultural legacy of stockmen, rodeos, jillaroos and life on the land. Ms Groves now enjoys a peaceful life on the Gold Coast Hinterland while some of her family still live in the Northern Territory.

General comments are , once you pick this book up, you won’t put it down. A top seller first published by Allen and Unwin in 2011- the book is available through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles at leading bookstores.

Border Tweed Mail “For lovers of adventure stories full of wonderful characters then prepare to meet Mary Groves, a true country woman who takes no bull.”

This reviewed edition is currently for sale in America through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and most major book stores. Paperback  ‘An Outback Life’ Pages: 353 Price : US$20 Original Edition 

An Outback Life - Mary Groves

An Outback Life – Mary Groves

Posted in review by Adair Jones on June 26, 2011 I admit to feeling wary when I first saw this book.  Few people have truly interesting lives; of those, fewer still are able to write with skill and insight.  Was An Outback Life another of those predictable memoirs flung into an already saturated market?  I had my suspicions.

Happily though, after a self-conscious start, Mary Groves proves otherwise. An Outback Life is a glimpse of a world that’s quickly disappearing.  In fact, during the forty years Groves lived and worked in the Northern Territory, things changed dramatically: men on horses were replaced by helicopters and vehicles with bionic arms; Aboriginal policy shifted both for better and for worse; those with fortitude turned a rough living scraped out of the red dust into comfortable fortunes.

While all of this is interesting, what’s most engaging is how the outback changed Groves.  From a rebellious youngster to a steadfast bride, she became the centre of life on the station.  Though she never finished school, Groves took on roles as teacher, cook, nurse, businesswoman, and political advocate, retaining her sense of humour through it all.  She became connected with the land in spiritual ways too, always respectful of its majesty and its mystery.

While An Outback Life is filled with a lifetime of anecdotes, there’s something reticent in Groves’ approach.  I get the sense she’s only scratched the surface of her experience.  And this isn’t bad—after the success of this debut, there’s the hope she’ll write more.

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